Что Такое Беглый Огонь В Варфейс

Persistent traffic woes put DOTr chief in peril.

October 30, 2016.

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After being bypassed by the powerful Commission on Appointments (COA), Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade’s reappointment faces heavy opposition, mainly as a result of his failure to address the traffic problem while waiting for Congress to decide on the proposed emergency powers for President Duterte.

A member of the House of Representatives bluntly said Tugade should not be reappointed.

“The fact is that Tugade failed to at least ease the worsening traffic crisis in Manila as promised; it is but proper that he should not be confirmed,” said Magdalo Party-list Rep. Gary Alejano, a member of the House minority bloc.

Tugade failed to get CA confirmation before Congress went on adjournment last week. President Duterte will have to reappoint him but the CA will again subject his posting to review when Congress resumes session next month.

Tugade has been criticized for his failure to address the traffic problems in Metro Manila after committing to solve them within 100 days after he assumed office.

Alejano lamented that Tugade did little to ease traffic congestion and contented himself waiting for “emergency powers” from Congress.

The legislator also said the special powers that Tugade’s department is asking from Congress for the President is “not necessary.”

“My position is that the DOTr [Department of Transportation] must exert all efforts within its power and within the established laws to solve the traffic problem. However, if DOTr sees the need for emergency powers, it must present its plans clearly, the specifics of what it will do and the timeline within which it will exercise this power,” Alejano said.

Navotas City Rep. Tobias Tiangco said he was also not inclined to support the reappointment of Tugade, as he expressed disappointment over the dismal performance of the DOTr secretary in addressing the road congestion in Metro Manila.

“While it is the prerogative of the President to reappoint Tugade, Congress had already мейд its sentiment known through the CA,” Tiangco said, referring to the commission’s bypassing of Tugade’s appointment.

Tiangco also said Tugade does not need the President’s emergency powers to alleviate the plight of the commuters.

“My suggestion to Secretary Tugade is to prioritize removal of obstructions on all roads, make sure that all colorum vehicles are not allowed in the streets, make sure that all illegal terminals are removed,” Tiangco said. “In other words, make sure that all existing traffic laws are strictly enforced and surely traffic will improve.”

Tiangco also said there are already existing laws to address the traffic problems without granting the President emergency powers. “There are provisions in the procurement act for emergency purchases.”

Tiangco also said Tugade must start being hands on and be where the traffic is.

“He should spend more time on the roads, less time in his office. His will power to enforce the law should be stronger than the will power of those who want to offend the law. I was mayor for nine years. That’s the only way to instill order,” Tiangco said.

House Minority Leader Danilo Suarez of Quezon province, went one step further, saying the President should fire Tugade if he fails to address the worsening traffic condition by yearend.


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